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- sounds like creativity -

Elvis Jackson is an Audiovisual Boutique of Creativity sounded in 2017 with a twist of rock'n'roll and a strong focus on the power of sound.

We create highly effective radio & TV campaigns, creative soundvertising, catchy audiobranding but also add a layer of marketing knowledge or even 360 campaigns if wanted. Elvis Jackson is run by band leader and creative sounder Joachim Heuvinck who has over more than 20 years experience in the advertising branche as well as B2C and B2B. He surrounds himself with talented bandmembers starring on a variety of stages. We call It the "Ocean's Eleven" approach.

Viva las Vegas!

360° approach, Media mix, B2B and B2C.

360° approach, Branding and Creativity.

Jingles, Sound ID and Tunes.

A to Z (casting, production, delivery)

We hit the right notes for nearly every branche

national/international (Benelux, Austria,...).


Wether if it's Food, Retail, Construction & Building, Government, Corporate & B2B, Lifestyle, Fashion, Automobile or Entertainment, ... we've had some gigs there. Please discover our rich catalogue of succesful campaigns in this broad diversity of clients and businesses.

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