Sound branding is storytelling to "rhythm’n’sound"

Who is Elvis Jackson?

“Elvis Jackson is a sonic branding agency. It’s all about authenticity and real music. Music as music is meant to be, connecting people with “real music made by real musicians”. And because the main ingredient in our soulful gumbo is music, we’ve chosen a name that hits the right notes.

"Real music made by real musicians"

What does Elvis Jackson do?

“Elvis Jackson is all about sound branding, sonic branding, audio branding; it’s all the same game by a different name. But most importantly, Elvis Jackson creates a unique sound identity for your brand. We compose jingles, tunes, audio logos, soundscapes, songs, soundtracks, sound scores, audio for games, and more. Music, Maestro, please! It’s storytelling to rhythm and sound.”


What's your sound?
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